Come for the words. Stay for the feelings.

“Today I will peacefully witness my unanswered questions. Today I will have patience with everything that remains unsolved in my heart. Today I will love the questions themselves like locked rooms and like books written in a foreign language. Today I will not look for the answers because, even if they were given to me, I would not know their meaning. Today, I will realize that I need to experience everything. That at present, I need to live the question. I will be aware of the question and very gradually, without even noticing it, I will find myself experiencing the answer. Maybe not today. Maybe when I really need the answer.”

-Deepak Chopra The Soul of Healing Affirmations

The what?

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My. Winter. Insomnia.

I don’t know if it’s the weather, but I find that I’m sleepy all day and then can’t stay asleep at night. I go to bed at 9pm, wake up anywhere between two and three in the morning, and then can’t go back to sleep. I end up on my phone playing the latest Wordle…

It’s. Ok. To. Not. Be. Ok.

Lately I’ve been feeling inspired to try out different recipes. I like cooking my own food because it makes me feel in control of my own nutrition. It’s much easier to just order take out and be done with it, but I like the feeling of accomplishment. I like inviting people over and having them…

The. Most. Beautiful. Days. Are. In. November.

The sunlight is coming through my bedroom window and the sky is a shade of blue that is foreign to LA, except after a rain shower, and usually in November. This time of year makes me nostalgic for my childhood. It reminds of jumping into puddles at school and getting home drenched. My grandpa was…

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