I. am. here.

Oh, hello!

Thank you so much for stopping by. What a splendid surprise! Please – grab a seat, a snack, or a cocktail. The rules of this platform are non-existent, with the exception of a few small favors I wish to ask of you.

Please be kind. This project has lived in my mind for years and now it’s real. Yay! I’m here to share whatever I feel moved to share on any given day. There is no rhyme or reason, at least not yet! Maybe we’ll find a purpose together!

Leave your expectations at the door, please. We don’t want to muddy the floors of this space with the shoes of conjecture.

Okay! Let’s get down to brass tacks!

My birthday just came and went and I made a promise at the beginning of my new year to embark on a creative journey that my peers could bear witness to. Tada! Here you are, bearing witness. Thank you beary much.

I’ve always had the desire to write something that my children or grandchildren could stumble upon one day. Just as they’ve finished subscribing to the idea that their mother/grandmother is just an old fuddy duddy, the carpet gets ripped from under them when they read my vulgar retelling of a story that is so relatable they can’t even stand it. That’s when I’ve won. That’s the ultimate goal.

If you’re interested in hearing/reading my thoughts on a particular issue, please bless the comment section with your idea. I value your opinion. You matter, damn it!

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