Walk. In. Beauty.

Greetings from Page, Arizona!

Took a guided tour of the Antelope Valley Canyon this morning and learned that self-guided tours are no longer permitted because taggers, litter bugs, and daredevils ruined it for the rest of us. Our tour guide, an incredible Dine (pronounced Di Nay) woman, shared with us a brief history of the canyon and her tribe (a matriarchal society). She was grateful to us for listening and asking questions. So grateful, in fact, that she took a bunch of great pictures for us!

She told us that people usually come for the pictures, but don’t want to learn anything about the people or the land. Just yesterday, her tour group asked her if she could please stop talking so they could focus on taking pictures. Another woman in the same tour asked if she could take her pants off in the pictures because it was “her thing” and when she was asked not to, she no longer wanted to participate in the tour.

I won’t say anything more about those people. I don’t know who they are or what their story is. What I do know is that the experience was amazing. I recommend getting out in nature and appreciating it for more than just the flattering angles. Take in some history while you’re at it.  At the end of our tour, our guide explained that the Dine people do not say goodbye, they say “walk in beauty.”

Walk in beauty, readers.

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