Watering. With. Words.

Happy Sunday! I hope you’re enjoying a nice hot cup of coffee or tea. Maybe a mimosa? Maybe a beermosa? Lemonade? Or maybe just some water because your Saturday was rough. Whatever brought you here today, I’m glad.

I want to remind you that you are beautiful. You are enough. You are important. You are loved. You are worthy of respect. You are doing the best you can. And in the words of Mr. Rogers “you don’t have to do anything sensational for people to love you.”

These are the things I have to remind myself of, daily, because life is hard and being a woman is even harder. 

I can think of a million times when I felt like I wasn’t enough. Not pretty enough. Not smart enough. Not cool enough. Not funny enough. And it happens often. I have to battle it out with that voice inside my head and she’s vicious. She’s the voice of every single person who made me feel small or inadequate. She’s behind all of my anxious moments, my fears, and my doubts about myself. But she’s not actually me. She’s just a product of the people who hurt me because they, too, were hurt. I forgive them. I forgive the voice inside my head.

I’m here. I haven’t given up. I’m still working on it. Every single day of my life I work towards forgiving myself for not being perfect. And I think that having these thoughts and feelings has made me realize how much it matters to me that people know they are not alone. This one is for you. Whoever you are. You are not alone. Behind our Instagrams, our filters, our upbeat song choices, and our smiles is the little us, who is still trying to figure it out.

Yesterday I was talking to two wonderful women in my life about this very topic. I said “I’m growing right now. If you’re not here to water me – get out of my sunlight.” There is no space in anyone’s life for negativity. So here’s your daily dose of water through words. You’re fucking awesome. You’re right where you’re supposed to be. You look so hot in that outfit. You look so sexy picking yourself up after that last mistake. You. Are. The. Shit.


7 thoughts on “Watering. With. Words.

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  1. Erika, you continue to amaze me with your words of wisdom and uplifting spirit. Thank for these reminders regarding the importance of being kind to ourselves.


  2. I was happy to read your words of encouragement, for all women no matter our heritage, color or sexual orientation. We all deserve to be loved, but we must love ourselves first. Looking forward to more words of encouragement to all women💕

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