W. O. M. E. N.

It’s women’s history month, so you know I gotta write about women. 

News flash: Being a woman is hard. 

Not even going to get into the physical stuff that women have to endure – just kidding, I am. 

Menstrual cycles? Are you kidding me with this shit? I don’t know if I’m alone here – but my periods are getting worse with age. It’s like my body is pissed at me for not having a baby and rebels against me in the worst possible way. I love you, body, but dang. 

Creating life? This is not something I have experienced as a woman, but as a fetus that was eventually born – I can’t stress enough how amazing this is. I grew inside of a woman and now I walk and talk and take care of myself. It’s called a miracle – google it. 

Having to sit down to pee? Nope. Not even going to dive into this one. Just going to hope I find a restroom in time because I don’t want to make a mess anywhere. 

Beyond the physical pain that being a woman brings – how about the societal and cultural pressures to be perfect? Raise your hand if anybody you know has ever suggested that you lose weight. Keep your hand up if you’ve also been told that you were “too skinny” when you finally lost the weight. Is this real life? 

We are expected to be on our A-game all the time. Lose weight. Keep it off. Work hard. Make money. Be a good wife. Be a good girlfriend. Don’t eat this. Don’t eat that. Do eat this. Do eat that. Smile. Be the emotional support for everyone around you. Juggle 20 things at once without smearing your mascara. Smile some more. Be polite. And look fabulous doing it! 

In my latest research, I stumbled upon an article titled “Why Do Women Act Catty?” and it was all about how cattiness stems from the pressure to be perfect, which ends up translating to competition with other women. If we see a woman succeeding in a way that we are not – we get mad at her for it and then we get mad at ourselves. This is a product of our past conditioning and it’s bullshit, honey. 

We can all be successful. Someone else’s success does not affect our ability to succeed. We are all beautiful. We all have our own strengths. We can celebrate each other. We can celebrate ourselves. We are so much more than our bodies. We can turn those feelings of envy into feelings of support for our fellow women. We can cheer each other on, even when it feels strange. We can accept compliments and not feel guilty. We can look at another woman’s body and say “damn, she looks good – and so do I.” We can smile if we want to and we can cry if we so choose. We can stop putting so much damn pressure on ourselves and just be. Be exactly who we are – because we’re exactly who we’re supposed to be. If you’re reading this – kudos to you for everything you’re doing. It’s not easy getting up and giving life hell – but you’re doing it and I’m so proud of you. 

Pick a woman today and give her a shoutout. Chances are she’s fucking amazing – just like you.

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  1. Love the article, I have always been happy when another women succeeds. Something my Mother always taught me, Always be happy for other’s success!


  2. “Be the emotional support for everyone around you. Juggle 20 things at once without smearing your mascara. Smile some more. Be polite.” Great summary of the pressures. I love being a woman but every walk down the street with my doplar radar on to scope out the dangers gets tiresome. I write about travel, Latin America and womanhood. Here’s an article about women presidents: https://fakeflamenco.com/2019/03/12/could-a-woman-be-president/


    1. Wow! Great share. I’m nicaragüense and I remember my grandmother talking about Violeta Chamorro when I was a kid in the 90s. My initial reaction to hearing about a female president was to ask if that was allowed. She responded with “claro niña no seas loca.” Such a conservative woman who liked tradition, but didn’t mind a female president. Gotta love it.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Cool that you are nicaragüense! Since Chamorro was the first woman Central American president, it was a really big deal! Now, it would be if it happened in Mexico or the US. I heard that when Thatcher was Prime Minister of England a little boy asked his dad if a man could be prime minister too. Love that story!


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