I’m not alone. Neither are you.

I enjoy blogging and podcasting so much, that I can’t even tell you. It lights me up inside to press the publish button and know that I’m creating these small records of my existence. I love connecting with people in this way and hope that my words will give somebody comfort or make them feel... Continue Reading →

Say. Yes. To. The. Siesta.

The recurring theme in the last week of my life was the value that we (Americans) place on giving 110% of ourselves to maintain constant productivity. We are slaves to it. If you’re like me, you’ve experienced major burnout, given up time with friends and family, felt guilty about taking time off, and been afraid... Continue Reading →


The first time I was stung by a bee was probably seventeen years ago in a corridor of my high school. How the bee got inside, I’ll never know. I was chatting it up with a friend, laughing and carrying on, when I felt something land in my hair. I very casually reached for it... Continue Reading →


My Papuchi promoted deep suffering on Good Friday. He was a devout Catholic, and as such, was super into the guilt and sacrifice movement. It was hard to feel guilty and sad on Good Fridays, though, because my cousins would come into town for Easter which would, honestly, make for an incredible time. Simpler times,... Continue Reading →

Love. Or a call for love.

Listen, I don’t like apologizing either. Even as a chronic user of the word “sorry,” I don’t like getting called out. It’s a big blow to my ego when something goes awry because of what I said or did. It’s an internal struggle to remain focused on a resolution instead of competition. Once I muster... Continue Reading →

Thank. You. Body.

If you’re like me, you’ve said some harmful things about your body before. You’ve looked in the mirror and you’ve cursed the gods for making you so flawed. Raise your hand. Nod your head yes. Throw your hands up in Amen. It’s okay. You’re not alone.  My husband and I bought a house closer to... Continue Reading →

I. Did. It.

I made the decision to quit my job and pursue my creative dream. Rewind to a few months back when my husband (we’ll call him Ralph, cause that’s his name) confronted me about my unwillingness to follow through with anything I set out to do. Not trying to air out my dirty laundry here -... Continue Reading →

Sundays. Sundaes.

Sundays have had a major glow up since my childhood days. I remember feeling so somber on Sunday (especially in the afternoon), wishing Monday would just wait another day or two. My mom would wake me up for church and we'd either go to church (major letdown) or she'd say, "let's just go get breakfast,... Continue Reading →

Gloomy. Monday. In. California.

I have decided that I'm not afraid of failing at blogging. I held off on publishing this website for a year and I don't know why. It's not like anybody reads these days. I can share this with people and they'll go "yeah, I'll check it out" and then they'll just go back to scrolling... Continue Reading →

2020. WTF.

Is anybody else feeling the weight of 2020 on their shoulders? It's digging into me like a tight sports bra after an intense workout. Impossible to take off and painful in all the worst ways. It's been a rough year. I know my experiences pale in comparison to those of the people who have lost... Continue Reading →

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